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Disturbed by the unsightly tree stumps in your backyard? Springfield Tree Service offers the best stump removing services at budget-friendly rates. We have highly-trained experts who apply advanced machinery to provide a fantastic service within the shortest time.

The importance of stump removal 
Stump removal is a critical service that has multiple perks, including:

  • Healthy: insects that can spread diseases may hide in rotten stumps and start coming to the nearby building. Therefore, removing stumps helps to minimize the spread of diseases.
  • Injuring people: stumps may accidentally injure people walking near them, especially if they're not visible.
  • Aesthetics: stumps make your landscape look unattractive. Their removal enhances the beauty of your yard.
  • More trees may grow out of the stumps, which may start competing for nutrients with desirable plants near the stump. Besides, the sprouts may create an unattractive landscape. You may spend lots of money to remove the shoots.

Techniques of stump removal
At Springfield IL Tree Service, we apply various methods to remove stumps. These include grinding, the use of chemicals, and removing them by hands. The procedure we apply depends on numerous factors like your budget and the location of the stump.

Removing stumps is a challenging task that requires experts with experience and knowledge of offering the best solutions. That’s why Springfield Tree Service comes in to help you. We’re your ideal choice because of the following reasons:
  • Professionalism: we apply multiple strategies to remove stumps depending on their location. Our experts have the right knowledge and use appropriate tools to provide an excellent and timely solution.
  • Safety: we have robust safety protocols that we observe when providing the stump removal service. We ensure that we don’t injure any trees or buildings that are adjacent to the tree stump. 
  • Quick service: because of the use of sophisticated technology, we provide our services fast. Our professionals have comprehensive experience and skills to execute a prompt service. We stand tall among our competitors because of the quality of service we offer our clients.
  • High-Quality solution: we ensure that we completely clear the stump from your site. We apply advanced tools and technology to offer excellent service. Once we’re through with the removal procedure, we conduct a thorough cleaning of the sight and haul away the debris. 
  • Budget-friendly: at Tree Service Springfield IL, we provide an affordable service to our clients. Our vision is to enable each of our clients to access our services at a price they can afford. Call us now for a free quote.
  • Approved and insured: we offer our services legitimately because the relevant state authority licenses us. So you should not be worried while working with us. The license further demonstrates our knowledge and skills in offering a fantastic stump removal service. All our services and professionals are insured. 
  • Excellent client care: we promptly respond to our clients' queries. We highly regard our customers and communicate with them professionally and politely. 
  • Excellent ROI: once our professionals remove stumps, your property’s value increases due to enhanced curb appeal.
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